Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Egg crafting

When it comes to crafts, my children love three things: stickers, lots of glue and watercolors. How about your kids? I bet they would have loved our craft afternoon too. Ava found some pretty stickers and colorful craft paper at our local craft store which we planned to use for our special Easter eggs. Take a look at her beautiful eggs below, every single one crafted with lots of love and lots of glue.

First we had to blow out the eggs! You need to make a little hole into the top and the bottom of the egg with a needle or egg puncher, then carefully holding the egg, blow into the top hole pushing the yolk and egg white out through the bottom.

We inserted a kebab stick through the two holes of the empty egg shells to have a better grip on them and started decorating our eggs.

Ava loves these flower and butterfly stickers on her egg.

Another one got painted with lots of glitter glue.

And some others were painted beautifully with watercolor.

We rolled the eggs with glue on it in colored paper.

And let them dry.

Of course we had to put stickers on to the painted eggs as well.
Aren't they lovely?!

Need an idea for dinner? How about scrambled eggs?

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