Saturday, 31 December 2011

Artemis Plant Colour Natural Crayons

A few weeks ago, we received a new shipment of natural art supplies for children. Most of them are made by the German art company Stockmar, which produces quality art supplies that are non-toxic and are often used in classrooms in Canada. One product in specific had reallycaught my interest, the Artemis Plant Colour Pastel Crayons, made by Stockmar. Mothering  Magazine featured them as one of the top natural art supplies for children in 2011, so I was really excited to try and test them.
The colours are stunning! Our children, age 4 and 2, loved the vivid and warm colours of the pastel crayons and they fit nicely into their small hands. The crayons can be applied smoothly and easily onto paper, almost like oil crayons and much easier than with regular wax crayons, and they work well on either coarse or regular paper. The crayons seemed to have a harder texture than regular crayons but have been thoroughly enjoyed by our art-loving kids. Artemis Plant Colour Crayons can be applied on paper, cardboards and even glass.

Artemis Plant Colour Crayons are made from natural beeswax combined with colourants that are derived from natural plant sources such as flowers, leaves, roots and seeds, giving the crayons a unique, warm and luminous colour.

I imagine the beautiful colours and textures would be especially great for older children with blossoming art skills, and also for all the artistically-inclined moms out there.

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