Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Flip Potty Trainer Review

Compared to our older daughter, our son seemed to have a much harder time to get through the day without accidents when we began potty training him. The toughest part was all the extra laundry we had to do as most of his underwear wasn't waterproof and therefore his pants got wet as well with every accident. I couldn't resist taking out a pack of Flip Training Pants when they arrived in our store to try them out with our 2 1/2 year old son with the hope of finally having a product that would keep his clothing dry, would work well over-night and that would finally get him out of diapers.
Here is what you get with the package: 1 one-size waterproof shell with 2 detachable, stretchy tabs (to hold the pants together on the sides) and 5 organic cotton inserts.

As with all cloth diapers you have to prewash them 3-5 times to reach maximum absorbency. I only washed them twice before our first use because I was too impatient to try them out, but they were already plenty absorbent.

After fiddling around with the inserts for a just a few moments, I was able to attach them to the cover through velcros. The velcros are covered by a piece of PUL so they won't destroy your other diapers or laundry.

Our son is an average sized 2 1/2 year old boy, a bit on the slender side, and I had to set the snaps to the smallest setting to ensure a snug fit around the legs. I believe though that it would also fit well on most younger children since many kids thin out after the age of two, like our son. The product recommendation is 18 months to 4 years.

Then I needed to wait for his first accident! Of course nothing happened. When it was time for his nap I placed a waterproof cover underneath him, still not quite trusting that the shell would keep all in.
But it did! Yes! After his nap his insert was soaking wet but on the outside he was completely dry.
The side snaps opened easily, the cover was reusable after a quick wipe, I removed the wet insert, attached a new insert and he was ready to go.

Best of all, he really likes his new training pants and was proudly showing them to his big sister and my husband. So cute!

My only concern is that with one poop the cover would probably need to be washed, so it's best to have a spare set of training pants handy.

Overall I highly recommend Flip Potty Trainers, they are fun, reusable & reliable.

Please visit our store for more information: www.avasappletree.ca

Flip Potty Trainer in the smallest setting

Waterproof Shell

Stretchy Tabs

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